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About Me

I am a professionally qualified humanistic integrative counsellor/therapist based in South Kensington, South West London. I use different psychotherapeutic techniques allowing me to be flexible and adapt the way I work to suit each of my client’s needs. I believe this is important because each person is unique and therefore no one approach or theory can be used to treat the differing issues that a client presents. I have accumulated rich and diverse experiences working with people from all walks of life and with varying issues.

Therapeutic techniques that I use include transactional analysis, relational, person centred, gestalt and psychodynamic, meaning we can explore how your past affects your present and how you can move forward to the future.

Prior to entering into the world of counselling and psychotherapy I worked in a fast paced corporate environment which became overwhelming and I found myself unhappy and unfulfilled. It was after a lot of self-reflection and my own personal therapy that I realised that my true interests lie in understanding individuals and couples and how they can work to overcome challenges in their lives to reach their full potential.

My goal is that therapy will help my clients understand their true potential in any and all aspects of their life. I truly believe that when we are listened to, understood and respected we can change how we feel and act.

Some of the challenges that I can help you with are: 






Relationships and marriage

Self-confidence and self-esteem


Sexual abuse and rape



Work-related issues

About Me: About Me
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